Unlock powerful, customized spectroscopic data analysis through our advanced API. Dive into the future of material analysis with us.
Redefining Spectroscopic Analysis

Integration for Precision

In a world driven by material innovation, Speqqle’s API opens doors to unparalleled precision in optical spectroscopic data analysis. Born from the roots of RefFIT, our API integrates the power of scientific modeling and modern machine learning, ensuring businesses always stay ahead in rapidly evolving industries. Be it semiconductor or pharmaceuticals, our API makes material analysis agile, accurate, and effortless.

Collaborative Customization

Understanding the unique challenges of different industries, our API isn’t just a one-size-fits-all solution. We partner with spectrometer manufacturers, providing tailored API versions that suit specific needs. Our collaborations span prominent names, from chip tool and sensor manufacturers to esteemed institutions. Dive into the world of seamless integration and catered solutions with Speqqle’s API.

API Benefits

Optimized Accuracy

With RefFIT’s AI-enhanced foundation, our API boosts material detection capabilities, allowing businesses to identify substances with unmatched precision, surging past traditional methods.

Fast Implementation

Gone are the days of prolonged calibration. Our API integrates quickly, eliminating the need for lengthy calibration processes and drastically reducing material analysis tasks.

Diverse Adaptability

Our API isn’t restricted to just one industry. Its versatility spans across sectors like semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and photonics, making it a multifaceted tool for material analysis.

Cost Efficiency

Embrace substantial savings as our API reduces calibration material costs by a remarkable margin. Achieve premium results without the premium price tag.