Nearfield Spectroscopy

Illuminate the nanoscale with unmatched clarity.
Nanoscale Mastery

Deep Dive Insights

Unravel the mysteries of nanoscale phenomena. Near Field Spectroscopy (NFS) probes intricate details that remain elusive to other methods. RefFIT’s AI-enhanced capabilities ensure that your exploration of the nanoworld is both comprehensive and precise.

Effortless NFS Decoding

NFS yields a wealth of data. But what good is data if it’s tangled in complexity? RefFIT simplifies this complexity, turning vast amounts of near-field spectral information into actionable insights. Dive deep, but keep it simple with RefFIT.

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low-angle photography of metal structure

Advantages of RefFIT in NFS:

Nanoscale Precision

Unveil details at the atomic level, discovering phenomena imperceptible to conventional methods.

Swift Processing

RefFIT handles and deciphers vast NFS data rapidly, ensuring your research remains at the forefront.

Handy Interface

Complex NFS data needs intuitive solutions. Our platform guarantees clear, concise, and comprehensive results.

Adaptive ML

As NFS parameters evolve, so does RefFIT. Stay ahead with algorithms designed for the future of material analysis.