Coatings & Multilayers

Revolutionizing layer analysis with unparalleled precision and depth.
Depth Analysis

Dive Deeper

In the world of coatings and multilayers, depth and detail make all the difference. RefFIT elevates this realm by offering profound insights into layer interactions and compositions. Powered by Einstein’s core and augmented by AI, our solution delves deep into intricate light-material interactions, giving researchers and manufacturers the confidence that every layer is perfectly analyzed and understood.

Adaptive Accuracy

The true strength of RefFIT lies in its adaptability. Whether you’re analyzing protective coatings, optical multilayers, or intricate nanolayers, RefFIT adjusts its approach. It ensures every subtlety, every nuance of your coatings and layers, is captured with precision, reinforcing both product integrity and research fidelity.

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Advantages of RefFIT in Layer Analysis:

Layered Insight

Experience a comprehensive understanding of each layer’s composition and interactions, optimizing material properties.

Smooth Integration

Integrate RefFIT with leading coating analysis equipment, ensuring a smooth and enhanced workflow.

Quick Turnaround

Streamline the analysis process, from data input to actionable insights, ensuring faster decision-making.

Reliable Consistency

RefFIT promises consistency across batches, fortifying quality control in production environments.