THe Story of


Speqqle started as a spark of curiosity within the Nano-Optics Group at the University of Geneva. At its core, there’s RefFIT, a tool developed by Dr. Alexey Kuzmenko to simplify and enhance material analysis. Recognized for his significant work, Dr. Kuzmenko received the Ludwig Genzel Prize in 2012. The vision for Speqqle emerged from the idea of taking this academic tool and adapting it for practical, everyday applications.

Speqqle's Foundation

RefFIT is more than just an algorithm; it’s the product of rigorous research and has been referenced in over 500 peer-reviewed articles. The transition from a research tool to a commercial solution gained momentum when Iris Crassee, once Dr. Kuzmenko’s PhD student, explored its broader applications. The merging of RefFIT’s scientific capabilities with commercial aspirations led to the birth of Speqqle.

Broadening Horizons

Speqqle has steadily expanded its areas of expertise. Under the collective effort of our growing team, we’ve ventured into various domains like Raman spectroscopy, x-ray absorption, THz, and chemometrics. We’re proud of our journey, how we’ve grown, and the myriad applications we now cover.

Looking Ahead

In the world of material analysis, Speqqle aims to be a reliable and versatile tool. Rooted in solid academic research, we strive to cater to both the scientific community and industries at large. Our goal is simple: to make advanced optical spectroscopy more accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

Our Team

Iris Crassee

Founder, CEO

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Nicole Rucksthl

Co-Founder, Specialist

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Willem Rischau

Co-Founder, Specialist

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Martynas Podenas

Front-End Developer