RAMAN Thermometry

Elevate precision thermometry with RefFIT's cutting-edge analysis.
Core Advantage


RAMAN Thermometry, a crucial tool for accurate temperature measurements at the micro and nano scales, is transformed with RefFIT. Our software dramatically improves the analysis of RAMAN spectra, harnessing the potential of both the Einstein core and AI-enhanced capabilities. This collaboration ensures temperature readings are not just accurate, but consistently reliable, even in the most demanding of environments.

Beyond Precision

RAMAN Thermometry is more than just precision; it’s about adaptability. With RefFIT, users experience unparalleled adaptability in varied conditions and materials. The software easily tailors its analysis process, ensuring even subtle temperature variations are captured, enhancing both research quality and production standards.

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Why Our Raman Thermometry?

Enhanced Accuracy

RefFIT ensures consistent and reliable temperature measurements, setting a new benchmark in RAMAN Thermometry.

Adaptable Analysis

Tailor your analysis to varied conditions and materials with ease, maximizing the potential of your RAMAN equipment.

Efficient Workflows

Simplify and expedite the analysis process, reducing time spent on calibration and interpretation.

Consistent Reliability

With RefFIT, ensure repeatable results, boosting confidence in every temperature reading.